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What is NY Charter Bus

New York Charter Bus Company is your primary source for hiring or renting buses in NYC. Whether you need to rent a charter bus for a local corporate event, your wedding, your trips across the country, or a large convention, New York Charter Bus Company is there to assist you with your bus booking process from start to finish. Below you will see some amenities featured across different bus companies in NYC!

Where to go?

New York Charter Bus is convenient for renting buses in New York. This not only includes Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the rest of the boroughs, but also the Tri-State area! Our company is ideal for planing local and nationwide trips. For assistance on your reservation please call one of our sales agents 24/7

Easy. Comfortable. Economical

New York Charter Bus Company has access to one of the largest selection of buses and bus companies in the New York metropolitan area. Below are samples of 3 of the most popular buses out of over a hundred to choose from!

  • Charter Bus #1

    35-56 Passenger MCI BUS

    Reclining Seats, Wifi, Lavatories, Surround Sound, Overhead & Underneath Storage

    This is the most popular charter bus in New York. Its use is ideal for large groups and long distance travel. The MCI bus is the #1 demanded bus due to its practicality and ease.

  • Charter Bus #2

    39-57 Passenger Setra Bus

    Leather Reclining Seats, Wifi, Lavatories, iPod Connection, Plugins, Overhead & Underneath Storage

    The Setra Bus has become popular over the past few ears due to its luxury and attention to detail. After the Setra brand was acquired by the German manufacturer Daimler, the bus has gone through a drastic transformation for the better

  • The Mini Bus

    10-25 Passenger Ford Bus

    iPod Connection, Flat Screen TVs, Overhead Storage

    The minibus is ideal for local trips and shuttling. Although not recommended for long distance travel, this bus is practical and economical for smaller groups.


Compare Features

In addition to giving you access to minibuses and charter buses, New York Charter Bus Company also gives you access to Party Buses in New York! Please take a look at the features below! doesn’t operate buses. Please read our terms and conditions for more information.


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