Employee Shuttle Services In New York

Shuttle Employees with New York Charter Bus Company

Thinking about starting a private employee shuttle service? We’re here to help! New York Charter Bus Company will pair you with the perfect shuttle bus service that runs on your schedule, not someone else’s. Whether you’re a budding startup and need a Bronx charter bus or part of a large office complex near Manhattan, we’ve got what you need to shuttle employees with ease. Call our 24-hour team today at 917-388-9602 to start discussing your corporate shuttle.

Set Your Own Social Distancing & Sanitation Guidelines

Some employees might not be ready to take subways or taxis just yet, even though you’re ready to open your office back up. But providing a corporate shuttle for your employees will help them get to work without putting their health at risk. On your shuttle, you get to decide how far apart passengers must sit, whether or not passengers must wear masks, and whether or not a temperature check is required before passengers come aboard. We’ll also help you make sure that surfaces are regularly sanitized so that everyone can feel safe and comfortable while they ride to work.

a bus from new york charter bus company sits in a parking lot before a trip

Give Employees a Head Start on the Road

While they’re on a private shuttle bus service, employees can prep for upcoming presentations, respond to a few emails, or read up on industry news with on-board WiFi. Laptops running out of juice? Passengers can plug into one of the bus’s power outlets and charge up so they’ll never miss a beat. Have special guests visiting from outside of NYC? Rent a charter bus in Newburgh, a charter bus in Poughkeepsie, or even a construction shuttle bus rental for your crew to other major cities in New York to accommodate them with ease thanks to our vast network. 

Relax After a Long Day of Work

WiFi and outlets also come in handy when it’s time to forget about work and unwind. If your shuttle ends up stuck in some traffic (we know how New York City can be), employees can sit back with their favorite TV show or podcast instead of stressing about the road conditions. Reclining seats also supply an extra bit of comfort so that employees can stay relaxed.

Build a Custom Daily Route Through the Boroughs

Some of your employees might live in areas with sparse Subway access, like Staten Island or the east side of Queens or anywhere in Brooklyn that’s outside of downtown. This can make it difficult for them to get to work on time. Plus, does anyone really enjoy standing on a crowded train with no available seats, or dealing with unpredictable schedule delays?

To help them get to work, build a custom route that services all of your employees’ neighborhoods, brings them right to your office, and operates on your schedule. This will be an attractive perk for prospective employees, and it will help provide a reliable alternative to public transportation that will take some of the stress out of the everyday commute.

On-Site Shuttles & More

Shuttles aren’t just useful for transporting employees to and from work. If your employees regularly travel between multiple office sites, set up a shuttle between office locations that runs on a schedule that’s convenient for you. If you work in a large office complex, a shuttle can help keep all of the park’s employees connected to the cafeteria, the nearest subway station, and their specific office location. Need to transport employees to an upcoming conference? Your shuttle service will keep everything running on-time while guests hop from one conference event to the next. Whatever your needs may be, your shuttle will work for you on a schedule that’s convenient for your employees.

Your Shuttle Bus Options

Shuttles aren’t one-size-fits-all, and that’s why we offer multiple bus sizes to help accommodate a variety of workplaces. Book an 18-passenger minibus to move small groups of employees to and from an office, or opt for a 56-passenger charter bus to service your entire office park. If you need multiple buses or you’re curious about more sizes, chat with our reservation team to learn more about what types of buses we can book for you!

Additional Onboard Amenities

We’ve already talked about WiFi and power outlets, but if you have any other amenity requests, just ask your rep when you call to book. Typical amenities include overhead storage for bags and lunchboxes, a PA system for announcements, televisions with DVD players, climate controls, and even accessible features like wheelchair lifts (available upon request). Plus, each bus will be operated by a professional, experienced driver who knows how to handle NYC traffic.

Booking Your NYC Employee Shuttle Service

Ready to set up your transportation to and from work? Our team is standing by 24/7 to discuss bus options, amenities, routes, schedules, and all other details regarding your shuttle service. Call us today at 917-388-9602 to learn more!