Group City Tour Transportation Service

Private tours are one of the most comfortable and convenient ways to get out and explore all of the exciting destinations in New York City. If you’re a tour company catering to tourists—whether they be casual visitors taking day trips or art enthusiasts or foodies hoping for themed adventures—we’re here to provide buses that are customized to fit the style and needs of your group.

If your company has the perfect plan for a New York City tour and needs private transportation to make it happen, New York City Charter Bus Company can help you create a custom tour itinerary. Call us anytime at 917-388-9602, 24/7, to speak with a customer service representative and get a free, no obligation quote for your tour. We’re also able to discuss long-term contracts for ongoing tour bus services.

Custom New York City Bus Tour Itineraries

Is your tour company planning a custom sightseeing tour of New York City for a group of history buffs? Putting together a route for a hop-on hop-off tour of all Manhattan’s must-see destinations? Creating an itinerary for a tour of all the best breweries in Brooklyn? Sounds great to us! We can set you up with a charter bus that you can fully customize with all of your clients’ favorite destinations across the five boroughs of New York City. Thanks to our vast network of charter buses, you can rent a charter bus in White Plains and other surrounding cities to take you to tour NYC in style. 

new york city tourists in times square

City Tour Buses with Premium Amenities

The best thing about using a charter bus rental for your New York City group tours? Having a sleek, comfortable ride for your clients. New York Charter Bus Company can hook you up with a variety of charter bus options, from a high-capacity motorcoach to a convenient 20-passenger minibus.

A private charter bus will ensure optimal comfort while en route to all New York City destinations. All charter buses come with plush, reclining seats and fully heated or air-conditioned cabins, as well as a PA system for making announcements and sharing knowledge about the city. Passengers will also love seeing the New York City skyscrapers and streets through large, panoramic windows.

Other amenities that will attract clients include an onboard restroom for passengers’ comfort and entertainment options like TV screens and a DVD player to watch educational clips while on the road.

Reliable, Professional Drivers at Your Service

When you rent a charter bus with New York City Charter Bus Company, you can be sure you’ll be paired with an experienced, certified driver. Bus drivers in New York City are well-versed in navigating the busy city streets at any time of year. They’re also experts on the vehicles they drive, so you can be assured you’re in safe hands.

The best part about having a designated charter bus driver? You have the opportunity to completely focus on your tour group. With a professional at the wheel you can focus on making your tour fun and exciting. Share facts and information about sights as you pass them and answer questions from passengers with no need to focus on traffic.

Rent a New York City Tour Bus Today

Ready to kick off your New York City group tour service? Our reservation specialists will help you get the show on the road when you call us at 917-388-9602. Tell us all about your ideal tour bus experience and itinerary, and we’ll find you the private charter bus rental you need.