Construction Site Shuttle Bus in New York City

Book a Construction Shuttle Bus in New York City

We offer a network of minibus and charter bus rentals in New York City and the surrounding area that are perfect for your next construction project! Each bus rental comes with amenities to keep your crew safe and comfortable, along with a vetted professional charter bus driver who has on-the-road experience. Whether you need a bus rental in the Adirondacks for a resort construction site or a Manhattan charter bus rental for civil construction on city roads, we can help you book a construction bus rental for any project. 

Give our team a call today at 917-388-9602 to learn more! We are available 24/7 and can get you a free, no-obligation quote in 10 minutes or less.

Safe Drivers and Vehicles

We understand how important safety is for construction crew members and supervisors. That’s why we only work with charter bus companies that share our dedication to a safe and inclusive experience for all passengers. Each bus in our network is regularly maintained and inspected for factors like tire pressure, appropriate tire tread depth, and other factors. In addition, vehicle components like headlights, warning lights, mirrors, and speedometers are also checked to ensure they are working properly before your driver hits the road. 

Our commitment to safety extends to drivers, as well. Each charter bus driver in our network has on-the-road experience and has passed a number of tests with flying colors, including:

  • A background check
  • A motor vehicle history record check 
  • A vision, hearing, and physical test 
  • A drug screening

Set Up Construction Buses for Commuters

Embarking on a long-term construction project? We are happy to help arrange construction transportation services for workers commuting to and from the site. Instead of having your team all arrive at separate times, set up a construction bus rental in New York City to help them arrive at work together and on time. For example, let’s say you want to rent a Bronx charter bus to get your crew to a work site near Yankee Stadium. This is a super hectic work site, and a lot of your team is arriving late every day or having trouble finding parking. A lot of your crew members live in other boroughs or even upstate. 

You can rent a charter bus in Queens, a charter bus in Brooklyn, and even a charter bus in the Hudson Valley to help your crew get to work. Our vast network allows  you to make getting to work more convenient for your team no matter where they live.  

How to Book a New York City Construction Bus Rental 

At New York City Charter Bus Company, our team is skilled at helping book group transportation services across the city for any occasion. And if you are looking to rent construction transportation services, we can help you out no matter what your project is. Here’s how the process works:

  • First, gather your complete itinerary. This includes your travel dates, passenger count, list of stops with addresses, and arrival/departure times for each stop. We can work with any group size and schedule to find a New York City charter bus solution that works for your construction transportation needs. This includes securing long-term contracts for recurring construction projects.  
  • With this information handy, give our team a call at 917-388-9602. Our team is available 24/7 and can answer any questions you may have, and you can let them know about any special requests you have for amenities. We are proud to offer ADA-accessible charter buses in our network as part of our commitment to inclusivity in group travel.  
  • From there, your reservation specialist will break down the charter bus pricing for you, taking into account factors like tolls, parking fees, etc. We strive for transparency and there will be no surprise fees to trip you up down the road. At this point, you will also be given a quote. This quote is free and you are under no obligation to book once you’ve been given one. 

And that’s it! You can either choose to book your New York Ccity bus rental at the quoted price, or call back another time. But if you do decide to book, all you need to do is put down a non-refundable deposit equal to 10% of the total cost of your rental. It’s that easy!

Book Your Construction Bus with NYC Charter Bus Company Today

No matter what your company size is or what project you are tackling, we can set you up with a charter bus in New York City (or several!) that is ready to do the heavy lifting with your group transportation. All you need to do is get your itinerary ready and give our team a call at 917-388-9602. We are ready to help!