Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions

About Pricing and Payments

How much will my New York City bus rental cost?

The final price of your bus rental is dependent on a variety of factors, including...


Duration of travel

Time of year

Pick-up and drop-off locations

Bus model

Onboard amenities

...and much more.

Need a few examples and ballpark numbers before you book? Check out our pricing page for more information.


What’s included in my bus rental quote?

You can expect your quote to cover:

Use of a charter bus or minibus

Mileage put on the bus

The services of a professional driver

Fuel costs


Processing fees


We at New York Charter Bus Company pride ourselves on transparent pricing—so the price you see on your rental quote is the price you’ll pay, with no hidden fees. That being said, your quote will not include:

Your bus driver’s gratuity

Parking fees

Lodging for your driver if it’s an overnight trip


Do I need to make a deposit?

We ask that groups put down a deposit equal to 10% of their total rental cost to secure the buses and services of your driver.


When is my full balance due?

Please pay the full cost of your trip 14 calendar days before your expected departure date.



About Bus Rentals

When should I book my NYC bus?

To ensure availability, we ask groups to reserve their bus rentals at least 3 months in advance—though if you’re planning a trip during peak travel periods, we recommend booking 6 to 9 months in advance.


Where can my bus take me?

With us, you aren't restricted to just NYC's 5 boroughs. We also book Hoboken charter buses, Newburgh charter buses, Niagara Falls bus rentals, Albany bus rentals, and more in NYC and in upstate New York. 


Can I request a specific bus model or color?

Yes! To make a solid first impression with their passengers, come of our customers request all-white or all-black buses for corporate events, weddings, or military travel. While we can’t promise your desired color will be available, we’ll try our best to find you the perfect coach bus for your trip or event.


Can I bring pets on the bus?

Certified service animals are always welcome on NYC bus rentals. However, some bus providers can decide to prohibit other pets from riding aboard your rental. Let us know if any furry friends are tagging along, and we’ll work with you to make it happen—but be prepared to keep your pet in a carrier or crate while the bus is in motion.


Can I smoke or drink alcohol on my bus rental?

Smoking is not allowed on any vehicle in our network.

As for alcohol, we’ll be happy to work with you to get your party rolling aboard your bus. Some of our providers do not allow alcohol on their buses, so be sure to let your reservation representative know you want to bring drinks so we can pair you with a provider who does. Also, keep in mind that if a passenger spills anything or makes a mess, you may be subject to a $250 cleaning fee.


How do I know my bus is safe?

We only work with providers who offer motorcoaches that are well-maintained and up-to-date on the latest safety features. Vehicles are thoroughly inspected before each and every trip, and if you’d like, we can ensure your bus includes seatbelts in every seat.



About Amenities

What amenities are included on a charter bus?

Full-size charter buses (otherwise known as motorcoaches or coach buses) can seat up to 56 passengers at a time and always include the following amenities:

Overhead parcel racks

Luggage storage under the bus

Onboard restrooms with a toilet and sink

Reclining seats

A DVD player and TV monitors

Air-conditioning and climate control


The following amenities do not come standard on all motorcoaches but can be provided with advance notice:

ADA-accessible features like a lift, handrails, and wider aisles

Plush, leather seats

PA system with a microphone

Onboard WiFi

Individual power outlets


What amenities are included on a minibus?

Minibuses in our network include 18-passenger, 20-passenger, and 25-passenger shuttles. These smaller models are perfect for navigating busy NYC streets with medium-sized groups and often include:

Overhead parcel racks

Reclining seats

Air-conditioning and climate control


Your minibus rental will not have luggage storage under the cabin nor a restroom. But upon request, we can find you one that includes these premium amenities:

ADA-accessible features like a lift, handrails, and wider aisles

Plush, leather seats

Tray tables

PA system with a microphone

Onboard WiFi

Individual power outlets


Can I wrap my bus?

Sure! For an additional charge, you can hire the wrapping company of your choice to wrap your bus rental with your logo or any other promotional material. 



About Your Trip

When should I arrive at my pick-up location?

To ensure that all passengers have plenty of time to load your bus, we ask that everyone arrive at your designated pick-up spot at least 15 minutes before the scheduled arrival time.


What if we need to change our itinerary?

If you need your bus rental for a longer period of time or need to add stops along your route, contact our 24-hour service team to make sure your changes are applied to your trip schedule. Your charter bus driver will keep a log of any overtime hours accrued during your trip, and an overtime rate may be applied to your rental plan after your trip.


What if our headcount changes?

The number of passengers determines the size of the vehicle for a given trip, so reach out to your account manager as soon as possible to ensure availability.


What happens if we need to cancel?

We understand that plans change and the unexpected is bound to happen. If you need to cancel your trip for any reason, give us a call at 917-388-9602. From there, our team will take one of two courses of actions based on how close to your departure you need to call it off:

If you need to cancel your trip more than 14 days before your expected departure, you don’t need to pay the full cost of your trip—though you will not receive your 10% trip deposit back.

If you cancel 14 or fewer days before your trip, you’ll be expected to pay the full cost of the trip. Unfortunately, we can’t provide full refunds at this stage.



About Your Driver

I have a CDL. Can I drive the bus?

No—even if you have the proper licensure, we cannot permit you or one of your group members to drive your bus rental.


Can I trust my bus driver?

Yes! In order to take the wheel of a motorcoach in our network, professional drivers must have a clear background check, a clean driving record, and plenty of hours driving motorcoaches to maintain their license.


Do I have to tip my bus driver?

While it is not required, leaving a tip for your driver is always encouraged and appreciated, especially if you’re happy with the service you received.

We suggest that you bring 10-15% of your rental cost in cash and give it to your driver at the end of your trip. Or, if you’d prefer, ask your representative to include gratuity in your rental cost when you set up your rental payment.


Do I need to provide meals and lodging for my bus driver?

Your driver will be responsible for sourcing their own meals during your trip. However, drivers need to take an 8-hour break for every 10 consecutive hours on the road or every 15 hours on the clock. So if you’re planning a multi-day trip, you will need to provide lodging for your driver.



Is your question not answered here?

Give us a call at 917-388-9602! Our 24/7 team is always ready to take your call and would be happy to help you with your NYC group transportation questions.