Mini Bus


Phillip D

Our company rented a mini bus to take a group of employees to the airport. The bus arrived right on time, and we were able to get to the airport stress free. We will definitely be using them again.

Heather G

I've rented mini buses before, and for the most part the one we got was fairly standard. What set these guys apart, and the reason why they will be getting my returning business is their service. I'm able to call them anytime of the day (even in the middle of the night), and make changes to my itinerary. The bus drivers were also the nicest I've ever had. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone considering them.

Carl S

The interior of the bus was reasonably nice. It got us to where we needed to go, no complaints here.

Mini Bus: Perfect for NYC Transportation

NYC Charter Bus Company is the top bus rental company in New York. We have access to one of the largest mini bus fleets in New York. These vehicles are built to take groups of under 35 passengers to their destination quickly. For a free quote on your next mini bus rental, please contact an agent at 212-756-1283 today!

Why Rent a Mini Bus?

The mini bus is the best option for small to medium size groups. The versatility of these vehicles allow you to maneuver well in metro areas and comfortable enough to go the distance. However, if you require bathrooms on-board the vehicle, we recommend requesting a charter bus.

Compact Design: Making tight turns and maneuvering around city traffic can be difficult. This is especially true during rush hour in heavily populated areas. The mini bus is uniquely equipped to deal with traffic and turning around tight city corners. If you have fewer than 35 passengers this vehicle is ideal.

Ample Storage: These vehicles feature a large amount of above-head storage. A full bus can comfortably hold carry-on size luggage for each passenger. If you are traveling long-distance and your passengers have full-size luggage, we recommend considering a charter bus. A customer service specialist can assist in your vehicle decision.

Low Cost: For those who are price conscious, we recommend receiving a quote on a mini bus. These vehicles use less fuel and are less expensive to maintain than a charter bus. Please contact an agent to receive a free quote and compare pricing.

Your Mini Bus Options

Mercedes Sprinter: The Mercedes Sprinter has a reputation for good looks and dependability. Engineered in Germany, these vehicles are not only reliable, but also very comfortable. The Sprinter holds 14 passengers with ample legroom. Most models feature built-in entertainment systems for you to enjoy on longer trips or when stuck in traffic.

Freightliner: Known for their trucks, Freightliner makes one great mini bus. Comfortable seats and ample storage makes this a versatile bus. It seats up to 25 passengers with ample legroom to stretch your legs on long journeys. The Freightliner has a strong reputation for reliability. You can rest assured you will make it to your destination on time and in style with this vehicle.

Krystal E-450: Similar in design to the Freightliner, the Krystal is a great bus for any trip. With seating for 22-32 passengers, this versatile vehicle can handle many group sizes. Premium amenities come standard on most vehicles. If you need a specific feature on your bus please contact a reservation specialist today.

Reserve your Mini Bus Today, with NYC Charter Bus Company!

If you need to charter a bus anywhere in New York, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our agents work day and night to make sure your bus arrives on time. For a FREE QUOTE please contact a NYC Charter Bus Company agent at 212-756-1283. We are here to assist you 24/7 and to answer any questions you may have when renting a bus.