Entertainer Bus


Michael K

The entertainer bus we got was fantastic! I'm a light sleeper, and I was worried that I would be woken up constantly at night. I addressed my concern to the driver, and he made sure to drive smoothly at night. I didn't even wake up once!

Entertainer Bus: For Touring the Country

If you’re an entertainer or group looking for a vehicle ideal for long trips, look no further. Entertainer buses or tour buses are designed to provide passengers with ultimate comfort while traveling. These vehicles feature sleeping accommodations for at least 6 passengers and provide all necessities for easy living. Sofas, flat screens, kitchens, these vehicles have it all. Call Atlanta Charter Bus Company today at 404-334-7202 for a free quote on your next entertainer bus reservation today!

Why Rent an Entertainer Bus?

Entertaining Interior: Our entertainer busses will not only get you to and from your location comfortably, but also allow you and your passengers to easily live within the bus. Most of our entertainer busses come with beds, fully equipped kitchen, bathrooms, and entertainment such as sound system, televisions, and Wi-Fi. We want to ensure you travel in the same comfort you expect in a small-scale apartment, even on those shorter journeys. We want to ensure our clients travel with style and class to their destination.

Long Road Trip: Traveling with friends and family just got a lot easier. Our entertainer busses allow long distance travel with comfort and plenty of distraction. Our entertainer busses offer the best amenities so none of you passengers will ever ask “Are we there yet?” Our entertainer busses are perfect for long distance travel across state lines to different national parks, museums, and landmarks.

Concert Tour: Travel from city to city in luxury and style with an entertainer bus. Our entertainer busses allow long distance travel without causing fatigue to passengers. Unlike traditional charter busses, our entertainer busses allow passengers to move freely within the bus at all times. The band has plenty of space to jam out and come up with new ideas while on tour, and with all our amenities the band will be happy throughout their tour.

Your Entertainer Bus Options

Prevost X3-45 VIP: The letters “VIP” tells it all. These are the top-of-the-line coaches in the industry. Clients who need the best of the best call us to reserve these Prevost vehicles. These offer amenities that include beds and kitchens. We offer entertainer coaches with a number of amenities and can cater to special requests. Contact a reservation specialist today to learn more about our tour buses.

Reserve your Entertainer Bus Today, with Atlanta Charter Bus Company!

If you need to rent an entertainer bus from Atlanta to anywhere in the United States, don’t hesitate to contact Atlanta Charter Bus Company. Our customer representatives work around the clock to make sure you receive a quote and your bus arrives on time. If you have a larger group, please speak to a reservation specialist by calling 404-334-7202 to determine whether a larger vehicle would suite your group best.