10 Reasons Why You Should Charter A Bus Around NYC

nyc charter bus

When you take a trip to New York City, there are many considerations that will often lead to more stress than you would like for your vacation. You want to take in the city, engulf yourself in the energy and see some of the historic landmarks. The Big Apple has a lot to offer to tourists, and you want to see all of it. Instead, though, you might spend half of your time there worrying about the logistics of everything. One of the solutions that many people have chosen is to charter a bus. There are several benefits to chartering a bus.

1. Avoid Parking

Many people who are from small towns do not really understand how stressful parking can be in a place like New York City. When you go places in your small town, you just pull into the parking lot, leave your car, and that is the end of it. But when you visit a place like New York City, parking is one of the most stressful endeavors that one can engage in. If you are going somewhere like Yankee Stadium, this will be particularly burdensome. Many people spend nearly an hour circling the streets adjacent to their destination until they find an open spot. If you charter a bus, you will avoid all of that stress and just be able to enjoy the city.

2. Stressful Traffic

New York drivers can be very aggressive. It is difficult to blame them, because they grew up in the city and they grew up fighting against traffic. People know that unless they want to wait for an extra twenty minutes to make a left turn, they will have to cut off traffic sometimes. The drivers are much more aggressive than many are accustomed to. Rather than enduring the stress of driving through New York City, you can instead just sit back on the bus that you have wisely chartered.

3. Public Transportation Is Crowded

You might think that rather than fighting against traffic and looking for places to park, you can travel to New York and just use public transportation. If you use public transportation, then you will avoid all of that. But it comes with problems of its' own. Public transportation is crowded. People from the big city are used to it. People from small towns are not and usually do not like rubbing elbows with a bunch of strangers.

4. Restroom Accessibility

This may come as a surprise, but using the bathroom in New York City can be more difficult than it needs to be. Stores and restaurants do not just let people come in and use the bathroom. You need to ask for a key, and they usually only give the key to customers. Further, public restrooms are often not maintained very well. They constantly have different people shuffling in and out, many of whom have no manners and do not care to clean up after themselves. The restroom on the bus, however, is well maintained and will alleviate yet another potential stress factor.

5. Bring A Group

When you charter a bus to New York City, it is probably because you have a lot of people that you need to bring. Perhaps you are an employer and you want to treat your employees to a day trip. Perhaps you are taking students on an academic field trip. Either way, it is quite inconvenient to bring a convoy into the big city. In fact, that would multiply all of the problems (parking, traffic, etc.). But if you charter a bus, you can just conveniently pack everybody aboard.

6. Affordable

Of course, many people hear these objections and think that there is something that they can do to mitigate the stress. They can park their vehicles in a parking garage. Well, one could certainly do that if they wanted to spend a lot of extra money. Parking a vehicle in a parking garage is expensive. If everybody in the office is parking their vehicle in a garage, that would be immeasurably expensive. If you charter a bus, you will save a lot of money that you could put to better use.

7. Convenience

If you charter a bus, you will be chauffeured directly to your destination so that you can take in the city and enjoy everything. It is much more convenient than other travel services.

8. See The City

Our ancestors might have seen a glimpse of the magnificent lady in the distance. As they edged closer across the water, toward Ellis Island, they were in awe of what we know as the Statue of Liberty. It stood as a symbol of freedom and an escape from the tyrannical clutches of opposing world governments. The Statue of Liberty has been a symbol of hope for generations. The great city is filled with this sort of landmark. As you travel on the bus, you will capture the essence of New York City.

9. Space

Often when people think of a bus, they think of being cramped between strangers, unable to move. If you move at all, you will disturb somebody else, and they are constantly disturbing you. But these busses have plenty of legroom and headroom with comfortable upholstery. You will be able to sit peacefully throughout the duration of your trip as you overlook The Empire State Building.

10. Entertainment

Of course, before you get into the big city, you will have to occupy your mind throughout the drive as you prepare your mind for Broadway shows. Many people who charter a bus choose to think of the time that is on the bus as time that they have away. They can just sit peacefully and engage themselves with whatever onboard entertainment is offered. How often do you get to have so much time to yourself?