When you are chartering a bus from New York City to Richmond, make the most of your trip and plan some fun stops along the way. Make an adventure out of your trip and see all of the exciting attractions to see between these two cities. Take a look at some of the sites we think are worth seeing and make your trip the best one yet.

Newark Museum

Newark, NJ is a beautiful city just 30 minutes from the heart of New York City. It has a dynamic history of being one of the nation’s largest hubs for air, shipping and rail. Newark is home to many sites and attractions that keep tourists coming back year after year.

The Newark Museum is the largest museum in the state of New Jersey, holding collections of American, decorative and contemporary art. Although the museum has art on display from various different countries and cultures, its most popular exhibits are the Tibetan galleries. These galleries are considered to be among some of the best in the world, showcasing Tibetan way of life and culture. The exhibit even has an in-situ, a Buddhist altar where the Dalai Lama has declared sacred. Not only does this museum showcase Tibetan history but they also have dedicated a lot of space to displaying works of natural science. With a planetarium and a collection of 70,000 different species, this is a great place for a group that has various interests.

Princeton University

Princeton University, located in Princeton, NJ, was founded in 1746 as a fourth chartered institution of higher education in the Thirteen Colonies. Recognized as one of the best schools to attend for humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and engineering in the country, Princeton is a historical site you will not want to miss. The university’s campus exemplifies extraordinary architectural landscaping and buildings. A variety of styles are included such as collegiate gothic, Romanesque colonial and Gothic. Make this stop and explore all that this beautiful campus has to offer.


Wilmington, NC is a port city located on the Cape Fear River. Wilmington being a metropolitan area, offers many restaurants, shopping and attractions to see. The downtown area is situated along the river and offers breath-taking sites.

Airlie Gardens is a great place to stop and grab some fresh air. Airlie offers formal gardens, wildlife, historic structures, walking trails, sculptures and views of Bradley Creek. Created in 1901, the gardens were originally private garden for the Pembrooke Jones family. With thousands of azaleas, magnolias and wisteria, you will not find such an array of greenery anywhere else. Stop to stretch your legs and take a walk through this unique space.

If you and your group want to spend some time learning about the world down under, then visit the North Carolina Aquarium. Visitors can get a unique look at behind the scenes and see how the animals are taken care of and what their daily routines consist of. Not only can you explore and see the various species of fish and other underwater animals but you can also go canoeing and surf fishing. This is a great spot for people of all ages to visit.

Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. is filled with many attractions that exemplify the rich history of American culture. Being out Nation’s capital, there are many important government buildings and sites here that are sure to be a top stop on your list.

The Lincoln Memorial is one of the most iconic sites to visit in the Washington D.C. area. This site commemorates the memory of Abraham Lincoln and all of the great things he achieved while he was in his presidency. Sitting at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting pool, the memorial is absolutely captivating in person. This is one attraction everyone should have the privilege of experiencing.

The National Gallery of Art is a national arts museum featuring various exhibits expressing different depictions of art done throughout history and present day. Collections like, the Three Centuries of American Prints and the Nineteenth-Century French Galleries allows you to explore the culture of various art pieces from around the world. Being free of charge, this is a great way to experience some of the world’s most famous art in an inexpensive way.

The National Air and Space Museum holds the largest collection of aircraft and spacecraft in the world. It is a center for research based on the history of science of aviation and spacecraft. This museum is one of the most visited attractions in Washington D.C. with most of the aircraft on display being of the original or back ups to the original. This is a great place to stop and learn more about the history of aircraft and spacecraft.

Richmond, Here We Come!

Now you are 2 hours and fifteen minutes away from Richmond.

If you decide to charter a bus from NYC to Richmond, we hope that you enjoy the various stops we suggested. Call one of our friendly representatives today at 917-388-9602 and reserve your trip!